Digital Loyalty Reward Cards

Koolwin’s digital loyalty reward cards offer local communities options to develop loyalty rewards from a local business to a Chamber of Commerce, City or Town rewards system.

Loyalty cards can be configured to a single reward to multiple rewards that are unlocked by an amount of card punches, to value added points that are awarded based on the required commitments set by the card.

Single Reward is a standard loyalty card that rewards customer loyalty based on a set number of card punches or stamps depending on what the business want to use, each time a customer returns to the business stamps their card, a standard card would require up to 12 return visits where the customer is rewards for their loyalty with a set reward from the business. The business can also offer customers a number of option where they can unlock rewards based on a number returned visits, these would be different values that once a customer has a reached a requires umber of stamps that reward is unlocked and available for them to claim is they choose or the may want to work towards another reward by collecting more stamps to claim a higher valued reward. each time a reward is claimed by the customer they amount of stamps will be deducted from their card.